29/05/13 // They Might Be Giants announce UK & German dates for November


They Might Be Giants - Black Ops

21/07/13 // They Might Be Giants : Interview

09/08/13 // They Might Be Giants' John Linnell Denies Trying To Kill Gothamist Photographer


They Might Be Giants new video for “You’re On Fire”, directed by Hoku Uchiyama and Adam Bolt and featuring vegetable puppetry (not animation!). NPR:

The video is filled with dancing vegetables, singing ground beef, air-guitar-playing broccoli and trumpeting carrots. I assumed these were animated vegetables, but director Hoku Uchiyama surprised me with this factoid: “One thing we’re proud of is that the food you see isn’t animated; it’s puppetry. The vegetables are actual produce from the grocery store that we rigged up to be puppeted on set. The wires were removed in post.”

John Flansburgh says he was attracted to Uchiyama’s work after seeing a music video the director had created for Amanda Palmer: “I saw the video Hoku did for the ‘Evelyn Evelyn’ video a couple of years back. I loved the way he integrated live action and special effects. It took until now for the stars to align, but we finally got to get this project going. The video triangulates off the lyric of the song in an unlikely and super-fun way, instead of that ‘shrinking world’ feeling you get from so many videos. It adds its own mystery.”



EDINBURGH Friday, November 15 http://bit.ly/13D5TDD
BELFAST Sunday, November 17 http://bit.ly/18ujNxa
DUBLIN Monday,November 18 http://bit.ly/117BpHr
LONDON Tuesday, November 19 http://bit.ly/10zUpBW
MANCHESTER Wednesday, November 20 http://bit.ly/11C8QRt
WEISSENHAUSERSTRAND Friday, November 22  http://bit.ly/146p5YU (Rolling Stone Fest)
BERLIN Saturday, November 23 http://bit.ly/11p0dtF


*love* this tmbgareok poster for Albuquerque

*love* this tmbgareok poster for Albuquerque


EDINBURGH Friday, November 15 http://bit.ly/13D5TDD
BELFAST Sunday, November 17 http://bit.ly/18ujNxa
DUBLIN Monday,November 18 http://bit.ly/117BpHr
LONDON Tuesday, November 19 http://bit.ly/10zUpBW
MANCHESTER Wednesday, November 20 http://bit.ly/11C8QRt
WEISSENHAUSERSTRAND Friday, November 22  http://bit.ly/146p5YU (Rolling Stone Fest)
BERLIN Saturday, November 23 http://bit.ly/11p0dtF

07/11/13 // They Might Be Giants // Interview


They Might Be Giants at The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, Fri 15 November 2013


They Might Be Giants at The Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, Fri 15 November 2013.

19/11/13 // "Short songs are a kind of discipline": an interview with John Linnell of They Might Be Giants - London Student


So, this happened #tmbg



BERLIN: A highlight reel from They Might Be Giants final show from the Nanobots tour.  This is my short iPhone concert film that includes a wee bit of “You’re on Fire,” “The end of the Tour” and features front row footage from Nanobots and Planet of the Apes audience participation.