A-Sides with Butch Walker: Interview in NYC

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18/12/11 - Soundcheck - Friday 9th December - Butch Walker


Episode 12: Butch Walker

This week Butch Walker discusses his latest album with The Black Widows. The interview was recorded during Butch’s solo tour of the UK earlier this year, Butch discusses how the band formed and capturing live performances on a studio album.

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Video interview with Young Hines at SXSW.

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Brendan Benson SXSW Interview for WFUV

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12/04/12 // Pugwash interview with Rocksucker

04/09/12 // Mike Viola

Fantastic Sodajerker podcast episode dedicated to Mike Viola including an extensive interview with the man himself.


Ben Lee discusses his album ‘Deeper Into Dream' on the AOL Interface.

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Sodajerker podcast with Brendan Benson:

"Singer-songwriter and producer Brendan Benson provides Sodajerker with insights into his songwriting process and creative life by discussing songs like ‘Spit it Out’, ‘What I’m Looking For’, ‘Broken Boy Soldier’, ‘Bad for Me’ and ‘Keep Me’. Brendan also speaks about his many collaborations with artists like Ashley Monroe and Jack White of The White Stripes in their band The Raconteurs."

11/11/12 // INTERVIEW: Ken Stringfellow


Excellent Ken Stringfellow interview filmed at Ziggo Live

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21/03/13 // John Flansburgh interview with Adventures in Melody on Mixcloud


Ken Stringfellow interview

21/07/13 // They Might Be Giants : Interview

25/11/13 - Ben Lee on the Shark Brain Podcast

11/12/13 // Radio Radio Podcast #5 - They Might Be Giants Special