Farrah's animated music video for Fear of Flying from the album Cut Out and Keep.

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Henrik's This Time, from the album Faction.


When we talked about making a video for the title track from “Wreck Your Wheels" Kim and I both agreed that there was little point in making a regulation performance video. I can’t remember wether it was Kim or myself that came up with the concept, but we both agreed that Farrah’s "Swings & Roundabouts" had been a success and that perhaps we could try a similar fan-enabled concept. With a nod to D.A.Pennebakers footage of Dylans "Subterranean Homesick Blues” (from “Dont Look Back”), we struck upon the idea of asking fans to take a photo of themselves with a word from the song. One photo for each word of the lyric. Taking the idea further we agreed that Kim had to be in the video but we could avoid the fakery of lip syncing all together by only having Kim in the video when she wasn’t singing. Genius! (even if i do say so myself).

The footage of Kim was shot on digital SLR (stop-motion) in London’s China town, South Bank and Bedford Square.



Sunday Times review.

Sunday Times review.

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28/01/11 // Hello to The Click Five

The Click Five

There’s a weird but not-entirely-coincidental set of connections between Lojinx and The Click Five. Jez Ashurst (of Farrah) co-wrote a couple of songs with the band for their 2nd album. Ben Romans (of The Click Five) in turn keytar shredded on Farrah’s most recent album. Nate Campany engages most (all?) of The Click Five under the guise of his band The Serenade on The Only Bridge I Need. Nate co-write a couple of songs on The Click Five’s 2nd album as well as their forthcoming one. The Wellingtons played in the US with The Click Five. The Click Five went to Berklee, along with Bleu, Tracy Bonham and Nate Campany. Atomic Tom (“the iphone video band”) were produced by Ben Romans (of The Click Five) and their album, “The Moment”, features guest vocals by Michelle Margherita (of Farrah). Small world eh? I’m very pleased to say that we’ll be releasing The Click Five’s new album “TCV” later this year. We’ve been a fan of their music for a while so it’s really quite a thrill to have them join the Lojinx family. Here's a killer pop tune from their last album.


Music video for “How Blue” by Bleu from the album “FOUR”. Features Justin Kirk from the Showtime TV series Weeds. Directed and photographed by David J Dowling.

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The cover art for the European release of TCV.

The cover art for the European release of TCV.


Farrah - Scarborough (stretch) by lojinx

Farrah's experimental side. There's such a peculiar beauty to the details revealed in listening to music from this warped perspective.


Farrah review in the current issue of Bucketfull Of Brains

Farrah review in the current issue of Bucketfull Of Brains

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24/04/11 // Melodic.net review of TCV

26/04/11 // The Click Five on Uber Rock

27/04/11 // The Click Five - Way Back To You Tour 2011



Saturday 28th August, 2010. Nate Campany at Rockwood Music Hall.


The Click Five - Time to get ready for TOUR

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